K-Pop star Kang Hyun Suk talks love and friendship with ‘Friendship Ended with,K-Pop’

In an interview with the popular television program “The Voice” on March 31, 2016, K-pop singer Kang Hyung Suk revealed that he has never met his long-time girlfriend Kim Minji.

Kang Hyun Saeng told the interviewer that Kim was very nice and she was very kind and very kind.

He added that she was always on the lookout for something new.

During the interview, Kim asked, “Who is the one you are talking about?” and Kang Hyuk replied, “My best friend.

I’ve been dating her for three years.

I don’t know how to express my feelings, but I know that she is very happy.

She is very much in love with me.

She always said, ‘You are very beautiful.'”

When I met her, I was a little bit shocked.

I was expecting her to be happy and she wasn’t.

I wasn’t sure whether it was because she had a problem or because I was too shy.

But she’s a very kind person and she’s very much enjoying it.

We’ve been talking for three or four years and she still hasn’t given up.

But it’s not because of the breakup.

I think she just wants to have a happy life with me,” Kang Hyuhs mother Kim said.

Kim’s mother, who has been with her daughter for a year, said, “It’s not that she’s lost her passion.

I just want her to understand that her love for me is very strong.

But there are times when it doesn’t work out.

“Kang said that he and Kim were not close.

He said, “(Kim) wanted me to be a singer.

That’s why she has to do it with a song.

I’m very happy to do this for her.

She really cares about me and wants to be my friend.

“Kim and Kang have been dating since 2013.

After their breakup, Kim has been dating another woman.

The couple met in a restaurant in Seoul.

Kim’s mother told reporters, “I’ve met her in the restaurant and she told me that she wants to make a video with me.”

After Kang and Kim separated, Kim became close to a woman named Kim Jin Hee.

In 2016, Kim married a man who has a daughter, Park Jang Yeon.

The two divorced in May 2017.

Kim said that Kim had been waiting for Park Jantong to become his wife for three-and-a-half years.

When Kang and Park Jantson separated, Kang went on a tour and took her to the White House.

Kang also went on tour with her when he was married to Park.”

I didn’t know that Park Jantoong would fall in love.

But I thought she would be the same as her husband.

I felt like she was happy for me because she loved me,” Kim said in the interview.

K-pop star Kang has said that his relationship with his ex-girlfriend Kim Jong-un has been very difficult.

He has been in a relationship with Kim for two years and they have not seen each other since May of last year.”

It’s been very hard because Kim is my first love.

I really didn’t expect her to fall in to my heart like that.

We’re just friends,” Kang said.

The couple has not been dating for nearly three years now.

When asked what they had discussed, Kang said, “[I] just wanted to say, ‘Thank you, Kim.’

I’ve always been honest with her and we’ve always said our best wishes.

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