How to Make A Friend For $100!

A new series of bracelets is available to buy online.

The bracelets come with an image of the “Love” character in a heart.

The characters likenesses are displayed on the bracelet and each of the bracelets can be exchanged for a different person of your choice.

The “Love Rings” and “Friendship Rings” can be purchased individually, but the bracelet “Love for $100” will allow you to exchange the rings for $25 each.

The bracelet will come with a message, a picture, and a message for the recipient.

There’s also a “Friendships for $1” that will let you exchange the two bracelets for $20 each.

There are also other options that will give you one of the two items.

The price of the bracelet depends on how many of the same characters are exchanged.

You can also exchange the bracelet for a “friendship ring,” which is similar to a ring that has a “lover” icon next to the name of the person.

The rings can also be exchanged in-game for another item.

There is also a $1 gift card that can be used for the bracelet itself. Read more:

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