What do you want to be when you grow up? Source CNN title Friendship bracelets that’ll make you a happy, smart kid: ‘The best friendship bracelet’

I wanted a bracelet that made me a smart kid.

I had a hard time finding something smart, cute and fun that fit the bill. 

I’ve been working with friends and family to create a bracelet for friends and their kids that fits their personality and gives them the best of both worlds. 

And I’m pretty sure you’ll agree that the bracelet that I designed will make you happy. 

“You can’t ask for a better bracelet,” said the mom of a girl who likes to play with her friends.

It’s also a great gift for friends who want to share a special moment with their favorite friend.

“It’s not just about a bracelet, it’s a bracelet with meaning and a bracelet of friendship,” said Heather Buell, a mom of an 11-year-old girl.

And that’s what this bracelet will be all about: a bracelet where your child can have a little fun and connect with others in their world.

“It can be a fun thing to do,” said Lauren Leibowitz, a teacher and mother of a 4-year, 11-and-a-half-year old girl.

“A bracelet that’s really a celebration of their friendship.”

You can see more of the designs here.

The bracelet is made with a polyester blend that allows it to hold up to six pairs of fingers.

And it’s made from a flexible plastic, which allows it a very soft feel and a strong feel of permanence.

You can also see the details that make this a special bracelet.

One of the colors is a bright pink.

The other colors are yellow, red, blue and green.

The colors are chosen by the kids themselves and the designers and are designed by the moms.

It’s a fun way to introduce a special memory, said Buella.

It also can be used as a reminder to the kids to keep a positive attitude and to be a good friend, Buehl said.

“We’re all just kids,” Leibowitz said.

“So we can’t expect our friends to be perfect, but we can expect them to be helpful and caring.

We can expect our parents to be caring, but that can also be a problem.

We can’t just expect the bracelet to always match the way they look, but it can help us remember that we’re all kids.”

The bracelet is available in sizes from 1-3 and is available at all Macy’s stores and online.

For more information on the bracelets and how to order them, visit the Macy’s store.

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