Romantic friendship: RTE interview with friend who died in a car crash

RTE Sport journalist Chris McQuarrie spoke to a man who died while crossing a bridge in a traffic accident last month.

The man, who is in his 30s, was riding a motorbike in the early hours of the morning when a tractor trailer fell onto his head and crushed him.

The crash happened on the northbound side of the bridge and left him with serious injuries.

He lost his sight and is currently in a wheelchair.

The Irishman’s friend, who was travelling with him, was killed instantly.

The tragedy is not unique to the Republic of Ireland.

A number of people have died on the road in recent months, with many of them having been killed by vehicles.

But the man who lost his life in this accident, Chris McConaghy, was on a motor cycle.

It is not clear why the motorbike crossed the bridge, but McConachy said he believes it was due to the high speed of the road.

In a Facebook post, he said: “The accident I was in was not as bad as I thought it was going to be, and I had to stop for a few minutes to take some photos.

There was no doubt that the bridge would have collapsed, but I’m very glad that it didn’t.”

Chris McConaughy said it is not safe to cross the bridge in Ireland at night.

He said: I’ve had friends die on this road before, but it’s not something I’ve ever experienced before.

I’ve never seen the accident happen to someone else.

It’s just a tragic accident.

It happened to me and a couple of other people on the bridge.

“I’m just glad that I survived the accident and that I didn’t get seriously injured.”RTE asked Chris McConnell why he believes that the accident was preventable.

He said: The accident happened on a busy road.

I’m not saying that it was preventative.

If it had been a little bit faster, it would have been a much different story.RTE contacted the Department of Transport and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra).RTE spoke to the Department and the Ministry of Transport for comment.

The Department for Transport said it was aware of the matter.

A spokesman said: There are a number of road traffic safety and road safety awareness measures in place to protect motorists.

The spokesman said a review of road safety was currently underway.

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