When you need a friend, there’s only one color of your choice!

People are naturally drawn to colors in a wide variety of situations, and there are several popular ways to color your hair and make a statement.

The most common ones include brown, green, yellow and orange, and some people opt to dye their hair in a more colorful shade.

But what color is the best for you?

Here are some of our favorite colors to wear, with tips on how to use them to create the best look.


Brown is a great option for a simple, casual look, especially if you’re not a fan of any other color.2.

Purple is a cool color to wear if you want to make a bold statement and make your hair stand out.3.

Lime green is an excellent option for when you want a more muted look, like when you’re relaxing at home or in a meeting room.4.

Red is the perfect color to use when you just want a subtle, textured effect.5.

Green is a good option for an everyday look and a nice accent color to add to your outfit.6.

Orange is a neutral color to pick up when you need to add a pop of color to your hair.7.

Purple can be an eye-catching color for an elegant outfit, or you can go with a simple brown color for a bold, contemporary look.8.

Yellow is a versatile color for when your hair is a little on the bold side and you want something more subdued.9.

Purple, orange and green can all work together for an exciting look.10.

Red and purple can both be used together for a beautiful, vibrant look, so if you prefer one of the more muted colors, you can mix them up.11.

Red, yellow, and green all work well together to create a bold and modern look.12.

Brown works well for a casual look or a simple black look, with a twist.13.

Lime-green works best for a vibrant color for the summer, or a muted red for a classic look.14.

Blue works well with bold, dramatic hair.15.

Purple and orange are both great for a sparkly, eye-grabbing look, but pink works best in summer.16.

Orange and yellow are great options for a subtle or casual look.17.

Black can also be used for a cool, vibrant and romantic look.18.

Pink and purple are both good options for subtle, feminine looks, and black is best for more serious looks.19.

Purple works best with a subtle red or purple look, and blue is best if you need more bold, bolder or dramatic looks.20.

Black works well as a neutral-colored accent color for more masculine looks.21.

Black is the easiest way to add depth to your looks, so use it to add sparkle to your outfits or a sparkle in your hair if you have a longer hair.22.

You can choose from many different shades of black to make your look bold and glamorous.23.

The best way to apply black is with a brush, because it dries really quickly.24.

If you want the most vibrant color, wear a dark brown or brown with a light grey tone.25.

Black or orange is the ultimate choice for an outfit or a bold hairstyle, and red and black are good options if you plan on adding a bit of depth to the look.26.

Green works best when paired with a red or black shade, but you can also choose to add some orange or black to a color you love.27.

Red can also work well as an accent color, but it’s best paired with light, muted shades.28.

Green and brown can also go well together, but the color of the green is really important.29.

Black and orange can be used interchangeably for an eye color, and yellow works best if paired with bold colors.30.

Black should always be paired with bright, vivid colors.31.

Red also works well if you are trying to make an impression on a group of people, but black works best on its own for a splash of color.32.

Purple also works as an interesting accent color.33.

You may want to consider wearing a color that looks like it could be worn with brown, but a black shade is the most versatile color to pair with a black-based look.34.

Purple may be your most versatile choice for a more vibrant look.35.

If purple is your go-to color for summer, a brown-colored look can go great with a bold look.36.

You’ll probably want to avoid using purple to match your brown color.37.

If your hair style demands a more subdued look, black can be paired perfectly with brown.38.

Green looks best when worn with orange and yellow, but lime-green and orange work well for an even bolder look.39.

Pink looks best with light shades of brown, black, and purple.40.

Black will be your

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