When you get into a friendship bracelet, you can’t help but think about how much you love the people around you.

This summer, Fox Sports was able to interview the people behind the bracelets and see how their love for friendship affects them on the field.

Here’s what they had to say about what they love about friendship braceles, their favorite memories from their childhoods, and what they’re looking forward to in the future.


It’s a great way to bond with your friends and family.

“My favorite thing about my bracelets is that they’re really comfortable to wear.

I can wear them in any situation, so they’re a great addition to my daily life,” Ashley Brown said.

“When I’m out with my friends, I wear them and they’ll see the smile on my face and they won’t know why I’m wearing them, because it’s a little more intimate.”


You can’t really control the color of your bracelet.

“I think the color will be dictated by what I’m seeing, so I just have to let it happen,” Lauren Mathers said.


It means you’re actually wearing something on your wrist.

“It’s really easy to wear because it gives you that feeling of wearing something.

It gives me a connection to the world that I don’t have with my other bracelets,” Brittany Burch said.


You get to be the face of the brand.

“In high school, I had this beautiful bracelet and it was my favorite bracelet and I was like, ‘Why am I the face?'”

Brittany B. said.


You know the words you’ll see on your bracelets.

“They’re really funny,” Brittany said.


They’re pretty cute.

“A lot of the words that you will see on my bracelet are pretty silly and I love that,” Brittany added.


They look good when they’re not being worn.

“The thing that I love about my bracelet is it has the right amount of sparkle.

So, when I’m with my friend and she’s having a great time with her friend, it will be a good time to get in some smiles on the bracelet,” Lauren said.


You don’t want to leave the bracelet lying around all day.

“If I leave it lying around and I see my friends walking around, I want to go home and tell them, ‘Hey, you should have gotten a bracelet,’ or I want it to be my best friend,” Brittany explained.


They make you feel special.

“People are like, why do you have to wear a bracelet if you don’t wear a thing?”

Brittany said, adding that she loves the way they’re able to make you look special.


You’re more than just a picture on a piece of jewelry.

“Sometimes it’s not just a bracelet, it’s like you’re a part of a family and you’re part of that family,” Brittany told Fox Sports.

“And then it’s something you wear and you see all the time, but when you have that bracelet, you’re like, I feel like a part, too,” Lauren added.

“That’s something that you have a connection with.”

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