Short quotes on friendship rings

One of the most common and misunderstood questions asked about friendship rings is, “Why is my ring so long?”

The answer is a little bit of history, but also a little more complicated.

The term “short” refers to a length of a human hair or piece of hair.

The word “love” has a broader meaning, so we use the word “short.”

In English, “love,” “lovely” and “love story” are the words we use to describe people, or relationships.

In German, “Love” is a verb and “drei” is an adjective, so in English we use “love.”

The phrase “love’s the only thing” is derived from the Greek word “lavere” which means to have.

The word “dear” is from the French “d’être,” meaning to make love, to love, and to be loved.

The French word “bouton” also refers to love.

And the Spanish word “marriada” means “to love.”

So in the Germanic world, the word love refers to the relationship of a man and a woman.

It is a very long, intimate relationship, and if you look at the names of the letters of the alphabet, the letters that start with the first letter of the word, you’ll see that love is pronounced “loves.”

So if you go into a bar, you might say, “Ladies, gentlemen, gentlemen.

How do you like my ring?”

The guy you’re with, the woman you’re having sex with, he’ll say, I don’t know.

If you say, do you love me?

The guy will say, You don’t love me, but I think you do.

That’s a long, intense relationship.

But the thing about love is that it’s not always that simple.

When you ask people what their favorite romantic movie is, most people say, they don’t really know.

The truth is, people love to tell stories and they love to dance.

They love to sing.

And so there is this kind of love for romance and for dancing, but it is a relationship that is not always straightforward.

So it is not uncommon to find a person who has had a long friendship with a person they met in the street.

They may even have had a romantic encounter in the bar or in the park, or on the beach.

In these cases, people tend to say, my ring is really long.

And then they can get really flustered.

They can get very frustrated.

I think it’s the nature of love that it can be complicated.

But it’s really important to recognize the love that is there and to recognize that this relationship is not a one-way street.

It’s not the end of the world if it’s just you and me, right?

The question of why people have long friendships is not easy to answer.

It’s an interesting topic.

But people do tend to have long relationships because they have a lot of friends.

People who are more social, who are able to communicate in a very open way with each other, often have more people to confide in, and they tend to be in more intimate relationships.

When people have lots of friends, they tend not to have a relationship.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

People tend to find that relationships that are long tend to last longer than relationships that involve fewer friends.

And what people often find is that people have to learn to make their relationships work on a level that is satisfying for both of them.

That’s the story that we tell ourselves about our relationships and about love.

Sometimes people say that it is important for us to learn the language of love.

That is, it is really important for our relationship to be meaningful, to be loving, and so we have to understand the language and understand how we can make our relationship meaningful and to make it meaningful for others.

But people who have been in long relationships with lots of people, they may have had relationships with very few people.

And this is the case with many friendships.

It may have been that people who were very close had their relationship with their friends become very long.

In a long relationship, one partner will often spend a lot time in a relationship, while the other partner will spend a little time in the same relationship.

So we often talk about, “Do I want to spend time with my partner or my partner wants to spend some time with me?”

In short, there is a balance.

Sometimes one person may want to get involved in their partner’s life and sometimes the other person may not.

So sometimes you have a very short friendship, and sometimes you may have a long one.

And in either case, it may not be the end for the long friendship.

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