How to Write a Friendship Poem

I remember the first time I saw an adorable little creature that lived in the yard.

The cute little creature was a brown squirrel.

It was cute.

I was fascinated by the squirrel, fascinated by squirrels, and I kept thinking that squirrels were cute, too.

Squirrels are cute.

And I wanted to write a poem about squirrels.

I thought it would be funny.

I liked the idea of squirrels being cute, and it was a very good idea to put it in my poem.

I just did.

It went like this: My friend is a squirrel.

He likes to play.

I love squirrels and I’m sure I will be a squirrel forever.

This is how the poem ended up.

The story of a squirrel is really one of love.

Squirrel lovers can find squirrels everywhere.

The squirrel is a favorite pet of many.

Squirrel lover John and his friends used to hang out on the playgrounds of their hometown in New York City.

John said he loved squirrels so much that he would go to their yard every day and play with them.

He was so fond of the squirrels that he had one of his squirrels tattooed on his back, and that tattoo was so popular that the owner of the tattoo company tattooed a squirrel on his leg.

Squirrel people are very creative.

Squirrel artists paint squirrels on their backs.

Squirrel creators are very imaginative.

Squirrel fans, especially young squirrel lovers, love to decorate their houses with squirrels’ heads.

Squirrel sculptures are often decorated with squirrel heads.

When you walk by your favorite squirrel’s house and see a squirrel sculpture, you will probably think, What a squirrel!

Squirrel sculptures also often have squirrel heads on them.

Squirrel-heads are also part of a common tradition of squirrel decorating houses, and sometimes, squirrels themselves are also seen decorating the houses.

Squirrelheads are often used to decorat the houses of children, and squirrels are often given special gifts and decorations.

The favorite part of squirrel culture is the gift shop.

Squirrel shops sell everything from squirrels to hats and stuffed animals to squirrel toys.

Squirrel enthusiasts are a very social lot, and they will gather around their favorite squirrel and take turns decorating and eating with it.

Some squirrels enjoy being given gifts or gifts from other squirrels or from squirrel lovers.

If squirrel lovers get together and buy gifts for squirrels they will often take them to a gift shop to show their friends, neighbors, and even the owner.

In my mind, the squirrel is not a special animal, but it is the friend that I have always loved.

The first time someone saw my poem, I immediately felt honored and moved to write it.

I think I wrote the first squirrel poem.

Squirrel poet Terry Loeffler wrote a poem in 2005 called “A Squirrel.”

In it, he said, “I am an artist, and a squirrel, the animal that you love, is a gift.”

I’m a squirrel lover.

I can imagine writing a poem on squirrels just as well as I can envision writing a letter on a letter.

It took a long time, but I finally finished my poem “A Little Squirrel” in 2018.

I am happy to say that it’s been published and is on display in the collection, The Letters of Terry L. Loefler.

The poem was published in a book called “Loving Your Squirrel” (2010) by W.E. Baskin Co. and is now available on the company’s website.

This poem is a very sweet and heartfelt poem that is also a tribute to squirrels who have been my lifelong friends.

I wish you the very best of luck in all of your endeavors.

You will have to wait until spring to see the new book, but the poems and photographs are now available online.

You can find the book on Amazon and the website for W. E. B. S. Co. is also offering a limited edition edition book of “Losing the Squirrel” as a special Christmas gift.

You could get a copy of the book and print it yourself, and you could also order the book at an online bookseller or through your local library. 

The Squirrel Poem I wrote in my own handwriting.

I don’t think the squirrel has any special magic powers or powers of magic, but squirrels can have a very special sense of humor and love of their surroundings.

I have seen squirrels play in the backyard, play in a tree, eat in a garden, play with their babies, climb trees, and ride in the snow.

The book is a great way to celebrate the joy of living with squirrel lovers and to remember the squirrel that has always been with us.

You might be interested in the books by Terry Loeser and others who have written about squirrel culture. 

I am a squirrel poet and I am thrilled to have written a poem that I hope will help other squirrel lovers appreciate the

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