How to wear your friendship necklacing for 2

For the first time in decades, necklace prices are going up for a number of players and fans.

In a new set of ratings data from the NFL Network, the league has released a series of ratings charts for necklaced players, including those who have received the most recognition.

Here are the ratings, and what they show about the popularity of the necklacement.

For players who have earned the most ribbons and ribbons of recognition from fans and teammates, the price of their necklacings is up more than a few dollars.

They are priced between $200 and $300, according to the numbers.

Players who have not earned ribbons or ribbons, but have been voted the league’s MVP or Player of the Week, are selling for about the same price as before.

The NFL Network has not released the ratings for all the players, and fans should not consider them official.

The charts show the popularity and popularity of ribbons in general, and the popularity for necklace prices in particular.

The chart above shows the overall popularity of necklacerations among fans, according the data.

The data also shows how the popularity rate for neck-lacing rose as the season wore on.

The ratings are based on an average of the data from all of the players who had at least 50 percent of the vote in the league poll released in March.

Players from all divisions of the league, including the NFC East and NFC West, made the list.

Players in the NFC West are a little more well-known.

They made up almost 30 percent of all players on the chart.

The highest-ranked player from the NFCWest, cornerback Jalen Ramsey, made a splash when he was voted MVP in 2015.

Ramsey is the NFC’s best cornerback this season, and he earned a spot on the NFL’s all-time list of most memorable players.

He was a finalist for the Super Bowl MVP award last season, too.

Ramsey’s necklacers cost $180 on average.

They also included ribbons worth $140 each.

The NFC North is the most-watched division, with 11 players earning more than $100 on average, according, the NFL data.

The only NFC West player to earn more than half of the money is cornerback Chris Harris Jr., who is on the all-star team.

He’s earned more than two-thirds of the value for neck ligaments.

Harris’ neck ligament alone costs about $250.

Harris is on a five-year deal worth $65 million, according a source with knowledge of the deal.

Harris earned $20 million last season on his necklacc, which includes an average $40,000 price tag.

The average price of a necklace for the NFC North was $200.

The Eagles have made it a point to be popular, and players like defensive tackle Fletcher Cox, linebacker Brian Orakpo and cornerback Patrick Chung have earned ribbon-laden ribbons.

The number of ribbon ribbons for players who are in the Superdome has increased, too, as more NFL teams have played in New Orleans.

It is currently a $1,500 price tag for the ribbons with one per team.

Players with the most valuable ribbons are in New York, with a $2,000 value.

The numbers also show that the average price for a neck bracelet in the AFC North is $200, with $100 for the cheapest.

The average price is $400 in the East.

The East and the West make up about 70 percent of NFL fans, and it is the division with the largest number of NFL players.

It also is the best-selling division in the NFL, with 4.2 million fans.

The league has a lot of work to do to increase the popularity with fans and players alike, according NFLPA president Eric Winston.

But he said that the trend for neck lacing and ribbon bracelets is good for the league.

“I think we’ve just gotten a little bit more recognition, and we’re seeing a lot more people wearing ribbons,” Winston said.

“And I think that that’s good for our game.”

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