How to tell if you have a platonic friendship or platonic romance


You can’t get along.

There is no “possible” platonic friends.

You could always find a friend who is just fine with that, or you could have a friend that doesn’t really like you.


You have a lot of friends.

Some friends will not tolerate you when you have problems.

The other is a good friend who you may feel more comfortable with.


You are really lonely.

Sometimes you don’t have the friends to support you when things get difficult.

If you have friends, you might even be able to be lonely.


You seem to be doing the best you can.

If something happens, you can find the courage to talk to someone else.

You may even feel like you are doing something that is important to the person.


You really want to meet someone.

But if you are alone, it is hard to get to know someone and not be lonely too.


You feel really good about yourself.

You think that everyone else is doing better than you.

You often think that people like you, and others like you do well, too.


You believe that you are special.

You don’t care if other people like and dislike you, you believe that everyone has their own specialness.


You get very excited about new experiences.

You will always want to see a new place, go somewhere new, go for a long walk, or do something new and different.


You love to talk about new ideas and new things.

You want to share the experience of new experiences and new ways to think about the world.


You like to travel, and will travel to new places and new places to see new things, to experience new things that you don\’t normally see, to feel new things and new emotions.


You enjoy reading new books.

You would like to go on a journey with a friend.

You might want to travel to a new country, and maybe even see a lot more than you can imagine.


You tend to be shy, and you may be afraid of social situations.

You prefer to spend time alone, but you might want someone to come and talk to you.


You usually feel comfortable with your body, and your body is always a source of anxiety for you.

If your body does not feel like a source for anxiety, you may not want to go out with other people.


You do not know what to do with your time.

You go into a new life in which you will be very different from where you were before.

You probably will not be the same person that you were when you left your old life.


You try to do things that are not interesting to you, because you think that if you did them, you would do better.


You struggle with the feelings that you feel because you are always trying to do something that you do not enjoy.

You find yourself not wanting to be the person that people feel they are with you.


You take pleasure in other people’s problems.

You make plans to visit other people, and do things to make it better.

You spend time with your parents and friends.


You look for problems that others do not.

You use other people to make your problems seem easy.


You just have so much energy and passion.

You put your mind to problems that other people have not thought about or could not imagine.


You cannot control what other people do.

You always have the potential to be successful.


You say that you can always do better, but this is not true.

You know that you will never be perfect, and that you have to work harder every day.


You dislike being alone.

You live in the moment, and are always looking for things to do. 23.

You avoid things that would make others uncomfortable.

You keep to yourself, and avoid any situations where other people might be uncomfortable.


You also like to have people around you.

Some people might say that it is important that you keep in touch with people, but they can be a source to make things a little bit easier.


You rarely have any friends.

This can be because you prefer being alone, or because you don´t like being around other people you donít like.


You wish you had more friends.

Friends are important to you because you like to talk, and they help you remember things.


You worry a lot about what other you will get to see and what you will do with them.

You care a lot.


You must always keep up with the new experiences that you find.


You suffer from depression and anxiety.


You hate the thought of hurting yourself or others.


You experience many emotions that you usually do not feel.

You fear that you might hurt someone or hurt yourself or other people that you love.

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