How to Create an Instagram Timeline of Friends and Family

The next time you’re trying to keep your Instagram friends updated on your birthday, or maybe you just want to know what your new best friend is doing, a friend list app called lets you create a list of your most popular friends on Instagram.

It’s got everything from birthday pictures to the latest news from your friends, and you can filter out the people who aren’t your favorite.

But if you want to get even more personalized, you can also create an avatar for every friend on the app, and they’ll appear as stickers on your photo album.

“You can choose how many stickers you want,” says Emily Miller, the company’s chief marketing officer.

“If you want a small number of stickers, you have the option of adding a photo of yourself.”

(The app also lets you select which stickers are personalized.)

In addition to photos, you also get a list that lets you browse the friends you’ve shared on Instagram with a color coded filter for the friend you share most with, like your favorite color.

You can also tag friends by tags, and the app automatically adds stickers and avatars for each tag.

If you’re sharing a photo, you’ll also see your friends’ tags, so you can add them to your profile, too.

When you’re done, the app will also automatically add a new friend for each friend you’ve added to the list, as well as a message about them.

(If you’re using a friend’s avatar, the new friend will appear as a sticker on your photos album.)

For most users, it’s worth a try to see if Friendi is a worthwhile addition to your Instagram experience.

It looks and works great, but if you’re looking for a personalised photo app, this is a good one to look at.

Like all of the best products, this one came out of nowhere, and while we may never know how many people were using it when it was released, we do know how much it helped to have an app like Friendi around.

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