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Friends, we’re all going to have to deal with some sadness and heartbreak in our life.

But at least you can enjoy your friendships as they are.

Here are some friendship quotes that will help you cope with those emotions and enjoy them while you’re at it. 1.

“The hardest thing is not knowing what you can do for somebody else.”–Amy, 20th birthday girl, Washington, D.C. “When we were younger, I thought I could change people’s lives.

I thought, ‘I can make them smile and feel better, because they’re my friends.’

But now, I’m still struggling with that.

I think it’s the hardest thing for me.

When you’re a little girl, you don’t know what you’re good at, what you should be doing, what your talents are.

It’s like you’re still learning.

I just want to be a better person.”


“You’re the first person to feel happy.”–Amber, 21st birthday girl from New Jersey, New Jersey. 

She loves the outdoors, hiking, fishing and spending time with her dog. 

When she first heard about the app, Amber had no idea what to expect. 

However, the first few days were tough, she said. 

The app has helped her feel more confident, she is happier, and she’s happier about her friends. 

Her friends are much more willing to help her out. 


“There are people who will say anything to get you to do something they want you to be.”–Cheryl, 25th birthday kid from California, Los Angeles. 

Chery has been a hard worker and loves her job.

But, the app has changed her life and she feels like she can do more for others. 

A few friends have helped her learn more about how to become an entrepreneur and Chery feels empowered. 


“I think if you want to grow, you have to find your purpose.

It can be anything.”–Diane, 26th birthday, college student from Pennsylvania. 

Diane is a writer and enjoys traveling and making new friends.

But she says that the app helped her become more confident and empowered.

She is now a part of a startup that helps people find and connect with businesses and companies around the world. 


“If you are going to work hard, then you are probably going to be successful.”–Martha, 27th birthday student from New Hampshire, Boston. 

Martha has always been very driven.

She wants to help people find their own purpose in life and is working on finding her purpose as an artist. 


“It’s not just that you are successful.

It is about how you treat others.

It also means that you care about the people around you.”–Michelle, 28th birthday child from Maryland, Washington. 

Michelle has been an avid runner and enjoys hiking, nature and spending quality time with friends.

She has always enjoyed making new friendships. 


“Every day I wake up with more than a million questions and so many emotions that I can’t answer.

But you’re not alone.”–Lizzie, 29th birthday daughter from Maryland. 

Lizzi is a self-described “furry mom” who loves animals, reading, and cooking. 


“Just be yourself.”–Shannon, 30th birthday mom from Virginia. 

Shannon has been active in sports and has been part of the Virginia CrossFit team for almost 10 years. 


“Everyone wants to feel special.

It doesn’t matter what their background is, what they look like, or what they wear.”–Sara, 32nd birthday girl in Texas, Houston. 

Sara is a stay-at-home mom and is currently in the process of getting a master’s degree in nursing. 


“We can’t control how others feel, but we can control how we feel about ourselves.”–Meredith, 33rd birthday girl on a trip to Canada. 

Meredith is currently completing a master of science in nursing at University of Calgary. 


“Never stop learning.

Always try to be better than you were.”–Laura, 34th birthday woman in California, San Francisco. 

Laura has been involved in music and enjoys cooking.

She loves to play games and spend quality time outdoors. 


“Nothing makes me happier than sharing a new love with someone.”–Gina, 36th birthday boy from Ohio, Cincinnati. 

Gina is currently a stay at home mom and enjoys spending quality times with her family. 


“What makes a friendship special?

It’s a feeling of belonging and being with people who share that feeling.”–Tami, 37th birthday mother from Connecticut, New York. 

Tami is a professional athlete who is in the running to become the next gymnast

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