Friendship bracelet symbolizes witchcraft, witchcraft and a new witchcraft law

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — In the months since her husband was accused of sexually abusing her, Debbie Dior has been an object of fascination.

Now, she may find herself the object of another obsession.

In a new court filing, Dior is asking a federal judge to declare the “friendship symbol” to be a violation of the Constitution’s First Amendment.

She wants the symbols removed from the National Mall and replaced with the words “Witchcraft” and “Masonic.”

“The symbol, as well as all associated words, names, and/or symbols, are intended to be offensive and offensive in nature and have the effect of denigrating, belittling, or derailing the character of a religious belief,” Dior’s filing says.

“The meaning of these words and symbols is so offensive to religion that they are unconstitutional and void.”

The suit also accuses Dior of “denigrating” the U.S. Supreme Court by “disseminating” “the views and ideas” of the symbol.

It’s unclear whether the symbols will be allowed on the Mall.

“While I appreciate the Court’s recognition of the First Amendment rights of those who have been offended by this symbol, it remains my position that the symbol and its associated words and phrases are not protected by the First or Fourteenth Amendments,” Doria said in a statement.

“I do not believe this symbol should be displayed on a public forum.

I have made it clear to the Department of Justice and the National Park Service that I will continue to fight to remove the symbols from our National Mall.”

The lawsuit also names several religious groups as plaintiffs, including a “Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish community” and the Archdiocese of Washington, DC, which said it will be challenging the constitutionality of the symbols.

Dior, who has publicly apologized for her actions, said in her statement that “in light of the recent events and my actions, I no longer believe that I am capable of making decisions based on the beliefs I hold dear.”

The National Park service did not immediately respond to CBSDC’s request for comment.

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