Facebook users make meme of the day with ‘friendship’ meme

Facebook users are taking their love of friendship day a step further with a new meme that shows a woman hugging a boy and a man hugging another boy.

The Facebook page, “Friendship Ends,” has received more than 2 million likes in less than two days.

In the meme, the girl and the boy are hugging in the background, while the boy says “I love you” in a tone of voice reminiscent of a song.

When a picture of the woman is displayed, the caption reads “I think we might be friends.”

The caption reads, “So why not?”

“People have been using this meme for years, and I’m glad people are starting to understand that it’s a lot more than just ‘just friendship’,” said the woman behind the meme.

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, said the Facebook page began in the spring after she found a similar meme on Instagram.

She posted the meme to Facebook in hopes that it would garner some awareness and create some positive change for the world.

“I think the whole meme is really powerful because it’s just showing the humanity of the other person, and showing the kindness of other people,” she said.

“It’s just really about love.

It’s just all about being able to love another person, not just just being in a relationship.

It doesn’t matter what age they are or what ethnicity they are.”

Facebook has become a platform for many of the people who share memes online.

But Facebook’s policy against hate speech is strict.

“We don’t allow any content that encourages or incites violence, or violates our Community Standards,” said a Facebook spokesperson.

“We also don’t condone hate speech on Facebook.

We also don.

Facebook does not allow anyone to make abusive or threatening comments on our platform.

We take these concerns very seriously.”

The Facebook pages “Friendly Fire” and “Friends on Facebook” are examples of the kinds of things that are considered hate speech.

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