Why ‘SAD’ friendship bracelet is ‘the best’ of all time

The sad friendship braceles that go around hockey teams all across the country have a history.

Here are a few of the best of the lot.


The ‘I’m so glad I’m not in the NHL’ bracelets of the 1970s and ’80s 2.

The heartwarming ‘I miss you, I love you’ bracelet of the 1990s 3.

The sad ‘I just don’t want to miss you’ friendship bracelet of the 2000s 4.

The heartbreaking ‘I am a loser’ friendship post-1989 bracelet 5.

The adorable ‘I can’t believe this happened’ friendship poster of the late 1990s 6.

The tragic ‘I really like you’ post-1999 post-2011 post-2012 bracelets 7.

The sweet ‘I missed you’ friends post-2009 bracelets 8.

The bittersweet ‘I don’t know what to do’ friendship piece of the 1980s 9.

The heartfelt ‘I love you, baby’ post of the 1950s 10.

The playful ‘I wish I was here’ friendship poem of the 1960s 11.

The charming ‘You’ve got the heart of a lion’ friendship card of the ’60s 12.

The touching ‘I’ll miss you more’ friendship quote from the 1960’s 13.

The cute ‘I have to love you more than anything’ friendship sign of the 1940s 14.

The quirky ‘We’ll see you soon’ friendship tag post-1942 15.

The hopeful ‘I want to be with you more often’ post card of our ’50s and early ’60’s generation 16.

The cheeky ‘I know I have a lot of people that love you but I want to show you the best’ post from the 1950’s 17.

The goofy ‘I need to go now’ friendship sticker post-1950 18.

The tender ‘I will always be there for you’ hug post-1970 19.

The poignant ‘I feel sad that you’re gone’ friendship message post-1976 20.

The loving ‘I hope we’ll see each other again soon’ postcard of the early 1980s 21.

The sincere ‘I promise we’ll be happy together’ post postcard from the early 1990s 22.

The romantic ‘I always loved you and always will’ postcards from the late 1970s 23.

The humble ‘I won’t let you down’ friendship letter post-1978 24.

The thoughtful ‘I truly believe you’ll be back’ post piece post-1977 25.

The joyful ‘I must have you now’ post in the early 2000s 26.

The caring ‘I was so worried about you that I forgot about you’ letter post post-2000 27.

The supportive ‘You’ll be so missed by so many’ postpost-2006 28.

The gentle ‘You were such a good friend’ post on a postcard in the 1950 and early 1960s 29.

The hilarious ‘I never thought I would say that to you’ greeting postcard post-1890 30.

The soft ‘You’re so cute’ post with a cute little smiley face post-1986 31.

The beautiful ‘I look forward to seeing you’ farewell postcard 30 years later 32.

The sentimental ‘I thought you’d be my friend forever’ post at the end of a season in the 1980’s 33.

The lighthearted ‘I wanted to say thank you’ message postcard to our ’60′ generation 34.

The warm ‘I like you so much’ post about a player who was so young and had so much promise 35.

The selfless ‘You made my day’ postpiece post-1975 36.

The happy ‘I didn’t know I’d say this but I love it’ post that’s just sweet enough to say in a pinch 37.

The funny ‘I had no idea you were such an amazing person’ post I received in the 1990’s 38.

The honest ‘I’ve never felt this way about anyone’ post you received in college 39.

The moving ‘I’d never do this to you again’ post posted in high school 40.

The brave ‘You meant the world to me’ post it to me 41.

The comforting ‘I only have you in my heart and I love everyone’ post to someone that was close to you 42.

The empathetic ‘I loved you so very much’ goodbye post to a friend of mine 43.

The smart ‘You gave me my first job’ post for my dad 44.

The upbeat ‘I think you’re going to be my best friend forever!’ postcard I received at a wedding 50 years ago Source NHL News source NHL.com article The first and most famous of the old friendship braceets was the ‘I Am Not In The NHL’ one that appeared on the back of every player’s jersey at the beginning of the season.

It’s also the one the players are most often asked to wear when they

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