Why I love my tiny friendship tattoos

A friend of mine is a little girl, who loves to paint little portraits of her friends and family.

She’s an avid reader, who recently made a collection of friends and loved ones, each with a special place in her heart.

One of her favourite friends is a cute little girl with a small heart.

“I’ve had the opportunity to meet this little girl,” she said.

“She’s been through so much, and she’s such a sweetheart.”

It’s a familiar sight, but one that’s really important to her.

“You have to love your little friends, you know?” she said with a smile.

“They’re like family, you can’t help but love them.

They’re the best thing to happen to you.””

I think they make us feel so happy.”

For those unfamiliar with the friendship bracelet, the idea of an image of someone’s small heart is a good one, because it helps people connect with one another and helps them feel a sense of closeness.

“It’s just so nice to have something to put on your heart and have a smile on your face,” Ms Wollensky said.

The friendship bracelet is a great way to have a little heart, or even a little friend.

“When you’re doing something together and you’re getting along really well, it makes it easier for people to talk to you, you get to know each other, you see each other as friends and not just ‘a friend’,” Ms Wohlsky said, “So it’s really nice to just have a friend.”

She’s also an advocate of the small tattoo.

“Sometimes I just think, ‘Oh well, that’s just me, I can do that too’,” she said, referring to the time she had a friend’s small tattoo that was so adorable.

“There’s no one out there that would ever know.

I just wanted to have this little piece of art that says, ‘You’re my little friend’.””

I love it because it makes me feel so close.”

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