When did we get our ‘small friendship tattoos’ and how do they relate to my friendship with my sister?

My sister and I got our ‘tiny friendship tattoos’, the tattoo that shows off a lot of my sister’s facial features.

I had always wanted to have them, but it was only recently that I started getting more serious about it.

My mum said I had to do something special to show my appreciation, so I went out and got them.

I’d always been very open about my relationship with my mum and she had been very supportive of it.

But then she saw my tattoo and thought I was a bit of a ‘small friend’.

When my mum saw the tattoo, she was very concerned about it, saying that my sister had already told me that she would have no problem having it removed.

I told her I wouldn’t, that I was just so proud of it and that I didn’t want it to hurt her feelings.

I also told her that I wasn’t going to get it removed if she thought it was inappropriate, but she said I could still do it, because I was going to wear it proudly with pride.

She also told me to get in touch with her and tell her that the tattoo was my own.

I called her a couple of days later, and I told my mum that I would do anything she wanted.

She told me she had no problem with it and would get it taken off.

I was devastated.

I couldn’t believe that she was going against my wishes.

I didn-I couldn’t stop crying.

I think I had a few tears because she was such a good person and she never once mentioned anything like that to me.

Then, she sent me an email to say that it was OK to have the tattoo.

I’m so happy with that decision.

I felt so relieved that my mum trusted me, and that it would never be an issue again.

I’ve now got my own ‘small friends’ tattoo.

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