What is a friendship quote?

A friend or romantic partner can give you a sense of community, says Laura, a social worker and co-founder of the online dating site Friend Finder.

But friendship quotes are a little different.

“It’s a bit more about how we share things, and what we’re thinking and doing,” she says.

Laura’s also got a friend who wrote a friendship biography.

The story goes like this: “She started dating in high school, and she had always been very open and open-minded about what people thought about her, but didn’t necessarily like or agree with everything she said.

She said she was really open to the idea of dating someone who didn’t agree with her.

After meeting for coffee at her parents’ house, she started dating this guy, who said he wasn’t interested in her.

She felt that was strange, and that it was weird for her to be open about that.

She thought it was kind of weird to talk about it.

So that’s the start of the friendship.”

Laura’s friend ended up moving in with her parents.

Since then, Laura says she’s been having more friends.

Her favorite person in the world is this guy.

He’s very outgoing, he’s very kind, he always brings smiles to everyone’s faces.

He was the first person to really open up to me and really embrace my sexuality.

I’ve been with him for four years, and I’ve never felt that I needed to be so closed-off, that I couldn’t be myself.

I don’t think he was ever afraid to talk to me about things that were bothering him, or even just share his feelings.

I guess it was just the way I was.

I just kind of let him talk to my problems and share his own struggles.

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