How to play the Animal Friendship Rings 5e, with some tips

Animal Friendship Rings is the fourth installment of the Animal Friends series.

I’m sure some of you already have some Animal Friends games on your computer or mobile device and want to try it out.

This article has some tips for you to get started.


Choose an Animal you like and find a way to keep playing it.

You have several choices to choose from, but if you can’t decide, then you can always try out a game on your phone or tablet, then try out other games on the same platform.

The most important thing you can do is choose an animal that is familiar to you, and it will make the game a lot easier for you.


Create a game mode that fits your game.

Some games have game modes that are similar to how you play the game, so you can easily switch between the two and keep the game going.


Play the game in one sitting.

Don’t worry if you are not ready to start playing.

I played the game for 30 minutes and I had no complaints at all.


Play multiple Animal Friends at the same time.

There are several Animal Friends that you can play in the same session.


Choose the right Animal to help you keep playing the game.

I chose a friendly cat, so I would always have an Animal Friend nearby to help me keep playing. 


Try out different Animal Friends, one at a time. 

I chose a dog, so when I played it with my cat I would have a dog nearby.


Choose your game mode.

This game mode is very similar to Animal Friends.

 The game mode you choose will affect how you will be able to play, so it is important to make sure that your game fits into your game plan.


Find an Animal Friendship Ring.

If you don’t have any Animal Friends but you do have the Animal Friend Ring, you can still try out the game and find your Animal Friend.


Play with different Animal Friend types. 

There are a lot of different Animal Friendship rings, so if you want to play with different types of Animal Friends you will need to try out different types and try out your game with different game modes.


Create new Animal Friends and play them. 

You can create up to 10 Animal Friends in one session, and they can all play with the same Animal Friend at the beginning.


Find your Animal Friends by searching for them on the internet. 

When you find a new Animal Friend that you want, you will have to wait for them to join your session, so the game will take longer.


Keep playing and keep trying different Animal friends until you find your perfect Animal Friend!

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