Which of the following are the most popular romantic comedies?

By Susan Davis and Paul BressanPosted March 19, 2018 11:24AMMany people have their favorite romantic comedys based on their childhood, friends, or even a romantic partner.

In fact, the popular romantic comedy genre has more than 500 films that have been adapted for TV, radio, and stage.

In the new year, let’s take a look at the most memorable romantic comedie, including the ones that have made the most of their iconic characters.1.

“The Love Boat” (1969)Written by Bill Murray, this is one of the earliest romantic comedms to feature the character of a single woman on the beach.

She’s an idealistic, idealistic girl, but her father, a successful lawyer, is constantly trying to make her happy, while her boyfriend, a young sailor, is in trouble with the law.

The two of them eventually fall in love, but the romance is marred by a tragic accident and tragedy.

This was one of Murray’s first films to feature a single female character, and he went on to have a huge career.

His other films include “The Godfather” (1972), “Pulp Fiction” (1994), “The Departed” (2007), “Dirty Dancing” (2014), and “Love Actually” (2015).2.

“Candy” (1970)A few years after “The Sweet Home Girls,” “Cathy’s” husband (played by Billy Crystal) starts a family.

The couple is always on the go, with lots of time to get away from home and spend time with friends.

They’re always thinking about their future together.

But when Cathy’s husband comes home, she finds out that he has a daughter.

She wants to be there for him, but his ex-wife is in charge of his finances and he can’t take care of the little one.

As a result, they’re forced to sell their house, which is located on a small island in the middle of the Pacific.

Cathy wants to have the family she always wanted.

Her only hope is to have someone in her life who will accept her.

This film has been adapted many times, but this is the only one to feature an actual single woman.3.

“Molly’s Wedding” (1971)Written and directed by Julie Andrews, this film stars Julie Andrews as Molly, the single mother of three who has never had a child.

Her son, John, is very sweet and kind, but Molly wants him to have more attention and attention in his life.

When her daughter, Molly, gets pregnant with a baby boy, Molly becomes a bit obsessed with him, even asking John to have sex with her in the bathroom.

The movie is about the woman’s obsession with her son and her relationship with her daughter.

This is the first time that a single mother has a role in a romantic comedy, and it’s one of only a few movies to feature Molly and John.4.

“Love Is Strange” (1977)The final film in the “Love is Strange” trilogy, written and directed in collaboration with John Hughes, this movie stars Diane Keaton as a young woman who finds out her fiancé has been cheating on her with a young boy.

Diane Keatoas a woman who is constantly in search of love, and she finds the love that she wants.

The film was also the first to feature real-life love stories.

It was adapted many more times.5.

“Dollhouse” (1980)This is the last film in “Love and Friendship,” and it follows a woman’s search for her estranged husband.

The wife discovers that the man she married was cheating on his wife, and that she had been living in a small house with a man.

She had no children, and the husband left her.

But he left her in a strange house with her children, who are all in love with each other.

The husband was the first woman to be killed in a movie, so it was a shock to many.

However, this was the last of the three “Love” films to have an actual woman as the main character.6.

“Honeymooners” (1990)This was a huge box office hit, but it was also a big commercial flop.

It is one the most famous romantic comedues in history.

It stars Kate Winslet as a married couple, and they are trying to get their relationship back on track.

When Kate’s husband decides to start dating her, they get divorced.

When he goes back to his old job, he learns that Kate has a boy named Sam, and is jealous.

He gets Sam to try to have Sam’s mother marry him, and when she refuses, he takes Sam away.

Kate and Sam bond over their love for each other and have a baby, which happens to be Sam’s.

The whole film is an autobiographical account of Kate’s life,

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