The first bracelets are out! The world will finally be ready to embrace a ‘friendship tattoo’ concept

Politico’s Emily Greenblatt reports that the first bracelet designs will be made available to the public later this week.

The bracelets, which are designed to commemorate a friendship, will include text that reads, “Be My Friend,” and “I love you.”

The designs are inspired by a tattoo that was created by the same person, which was recently featured in The New York Times.

 The bracelets will be available for $20.

They will be sold through The Branding Company, which is run by a pair of fashion designer Alex and Kat.

The Brandings Company will also be providing the bracelets to various agencies, including The White House.

“It’s like a symbol of being friends with a person you love,” Alex said.

A brand new, first-of-its-kind bracelet is out, designed by Alex GreenblATT source Politico

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