How to send your friend a long distance picture and send a friend a short one, by a friend

Long distance friendships are often considered a bit like a dream job.

So it’s no surprise that a friend has to share his/her experiences.

But what happens when a friend and his/hers friend meet for a few hours and then break up?

It’s like meeting a new friend, but not really.

This article will explain how to send long distance friends pictures and short ones, to help them to stay in touch.

How to send a long-distance pictureThe simplest way to send an email to a longdistance friend is to click on the compose button in the upper right corner of the email and choose the compose icon in the box below it.

Click on the send icon to send the message.

When the message is sent, a dialog box will open asking you to confirm the content of the message before sending it.

You can choose to delete the message or keep it, but if you choose to keep the message, the message will be sent to the address the sender provided.

To send a short-distance friend an email, click on an email icon in your inbox and choose send.

An email will pop up with a message asking you for a short message to send.

Click send to send it.

Once you’ve sent a short picture or message, your friend will be notified by a notification box asking for confirmation.

To reply to the notification, click reply.

When you reply to a notification, a short link will appear in your email inbox, giving you a chance to add your friend to the list of friends you have in your Gmail account.

If you’re not in the list, your notification will ask you to log in.

Once in your profile, you can add your new friend to your list of contacts by clicking on their name in the top right corner.

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