Friends and family: ‘My husband is so lucky’

A close friend of an Oregon man who survived an avalanche in Canada said his husband was so lucky to have survived the storm that buried his remains.

“I don’t know how he could be so lucky,” said Scott Williams, who has known David Williams for 25 years.

“It’s just really incredible to think that he did.”

Williams said his friend has been “really strong” in the weeks since the avalanche that devastated his family and left him alone for a week.

“He’s really kind of a warrior.

He’s very tough,” Williams said.

“A lot of times he’s just gone to work and gone home and slept and stuff.”

Williams described his friend as “tough” and said his wife was also “toughened up.”

He said his family’s search for their missing husband began when they heard that Williams had been spotted by a volunteer with the National Weather Service in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan.

The family said they were told Williams was hiking and that he had taken a shortcut to a remote area.

Williams said he did not think the man had been there for weeks because of his heavy backpack.

“We were very worried that he’d come back, so we contacted the guy, who told us that he’s a volunteer and that we need to follow him,” Williams told Fox News.

Williams said he called 911 on April 17 to report his husband’s disappearance.

The caller told police he had seen Williams in a nearby valley and that they were going to meet up with him.

Williams told authorities that he went out to look for his husband but that he was not seen again.

Williams told Fox that he thinks his friend might have been killed by an avalanche and was lucky that his wife survived the trip.

“When you have somebody that has such a strong sense of community and family, you can just kind of rely on that,” he said.

Williams’ wife, who is now a volunteer firefighter in the Northwest Territories, told the Associated Press that she and her husband were planning a trip together to the Canadian border, where they plan to meet Williams’ relatives.

“We were going on a little adventure together,” she said.

Williams is the third person to die in Canada in 2017 after his wife, his mother-in-law and a friend were buried alive.

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