Which countries have the most friendship monuments?

A monument to a friendship or relationship between a country and a group of people is a unique form of national identity.

The monuments have been created to celebrate the unique bonds between people from different countries and cultures.

Each of the countries has its own unique history and cultural heritage, and its own specific meaning.

The United States has the longest-lasting friendship monument in the world, with the Lincoln Memorial and other memorials in Washington D.C. and New York City.

The country also has a history of commemorating friendship and family.

There are also some national parks and memorials that celebrate the lives of those who have passed away.

Countries have also built monuments to commemorate their heritage.

Some countries have a special relationship with their past, as they are home to the oldest written language in the Western Hemisphere, and have many people from all over the world living in their borders.

These monuments, and many other memorial programs, are often considered symbols of national pride, or pride in one’s country and culture.

They are also often part of the national flag.

In addition to the monuments, the country also maintains museums and cultural events dedicated to their history.

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