‘I have to be the one who’s here for me’: Former Garda tells of pain after killing of fellow officer

Two former Gardaí have told of how they have struggled to cope after a fatal shooting at the hands of an alleged gunman.

The Independent understands one of the victims was the man they had been investigating.

The man has not been identified.

Two former gardaí in the Republic have spoken about how they struggled to come to terms with what they witnessed in the days leading up to the shooting, which took place on December 8, 2016.

Both men have left the force but one of them is still employed by the force and one remains on leave.

One of them, an ex-police officer from Dublin, spoke to The Irish News on condition of anonymity because he is not authorised to speak to the media.

He described how he came to the conclusion that “this was going to be a very sad day”.

He said he felt “deeply sad” and was “scared” by the events of the previous day.

He said: “I had a feeling I was going home but I had no way of knowing that it was going be something different.”

I had to have someone in my corner who was there for me.

I had an inner voice telling me to stay with it.

“I have been through a lot in my life.

“I feel I’ve done the right thing and that’s why I’m leaving.” “

The former gardaman said he had been in the police force for a decade and was a police officer “of integrity” and “one of the finest” he had ever met. “

I feel I’ve done the right thing and that’s why I’m leaving.”

The former gardaman said he had been in the police force for a decade and was a police officer “of integrity” and “one of the finest” he had ever met.

He added: “It was very tough to come out of that, I was so scared.”

He described the “biggest fear” he felt when he walked into the station to find his fellow garda standing guard outside.

He was told by another garda that he would be leaving the station shortly after this interview was completed.

The retired officer described how “he had been a bit of a shocker”.

He added that the incident had “been very stressful” for him personally and for the Garda.

He explained how the other officer had “tried to keep me calm”, but said it was “really difficult to talk about it because he [the other garda] had done nothing wrong”.

The officer was able to explain that he had taken the “right actions”, but it was a difficult process for him.

He also described how a female garda had attempted to intervene during the incident and how he had said he could not have done anything differently.

He spoke of how the incident left a “deep scar” on him personally.

He recalled how he was “saddened” by what he had witnessed, but added that he was not able to “get to the bottom of it”.

The former officer spoke about how he wanted to do everything he could to help the garda community and “make sure they were not hurt” by such a tragedy.

He called the incident “a really, really tragic event”.

“I am really angry about it and I am very angry at the Gardai [and] the police in general.”

The retired police officer said he wished to make a statement on behalf of the Gardá National.

He has left the Gardaic for “a bit of time” to deal with his feelings and said he was also planning to leave the Gardae.

He had not made a decision on whether to sue for damages or seek an apology from the Gardialí.

The Garda Commissioner has expressed his condolences to the families of the officers.

“All of the people involved were well-respected and loved by all,” said Commissioner Nóirín O’Sullivan.

“These were exceptional individuals and we will be making no further comment on the matter at this time.”

Mr O’Sullivans comments come after he made an emotional statement to the Dáil on Wednesday morning.

He told the Dail that he will continue to be “sensitive” and to “take care of the families”.

He thanked the families for their support.

In a statement, the Gardaa Commissioner said: There is no place for violence and intimidation.

These are not the actions of a few individuals, this is not an isolated incident and this is unacceptable.

The Commissioner said he would continue to “ensure that there is no way in which we could have behaved in a way that would cause any of the men involved in this incident any further harm”.

The Commissioner added that “a great deal of time will have passed”.

“My deepest sympathies go out to the family of the deceased garda,” he said.

He was also a

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