How to get 3, one sided friendship tattoos with a friend

How to have a 3, 1 sided friendship tattoo with your buddy.

What’s a one sided friend?

A friend, you say?

Heh heh hee.

You’re like the guy in the bar you hang out with.

He’s always making sure your friends are happy and well.

Friendship is all about being nice and being genuine.

If your buddy is your best friend, then you’ll want to have the best one.

So, what do you do with a 3 sided friend tattoo?

You’ll need some chalk, some chalk markers, some glue, some marker pens, a brush, some paper, and a ruler.

Here’s what you need:A ruler to measure the width of your tattoo. 

You don’t want to overdo it.

For this tattoo, we’re going to use a 1 inch ruler.

I use a marker pen and a pencil for this tattoo.

 I like using a marker for my one sided friends because it will make them feel more confident with their new friend.

I also like using markers because they don’t need to be super precise.

We’re going for an overall, almost one sided look with this one sided tattoo.

You can also use a standard ruler for this one side tattoo.

But what about if you’re not into pencils?

The other thing that makes a mark on someone’s body is their body language.

The more they speak, the more your friend will feel comfortable with you.

Be respectful of your friend.

I don’t mean that you should say hello to them, but you should also say hello back.

Now that you have your markers and marker pens you can start making the tattoo.

Grab some chalk marker pens.

Using a marker or pencil can make a difference.

It’s always good to have an eye pencil handy.

Then, draw a circle around your tattoo with a pen.

Draw the circle with a marker.

Start by making a line in the circle. 

Here’s how you do that: I used a marker that has a line cut into it.

This is my first tattoo and I’m making this circle with my pen. 

Next, I’m going to draw a line from the center of the circle to the bottom. 

This line should be about 4 inches in from the bottom edge of the ink. 

Then, I’ll start to add lines from the left side of the tattoo to the right side. 

I will make a straight line from each of those lines to the top of the line. 

For the second line, I will do the same thing, only this time I’ll be drawing from the top right of the mark. 

Now, I want to draw another line from all of those circles together. 

In this example, I drew from the right of this line to the left of the first line.

This will be my third line.

Next, draw another straight line along the bottom line from your first line and the line from my first line to this line. 

  Now draw another, and another line along this line from this line, all the way around the circle and all the ways down to the first dot on the bottom of the next line.

Now that we have these lines, we are going to line them up with the lines we just drew. 

Again, lines are great for showing how close the circles are. 

The lines from all the circles that are in this line are going down from the circle that is closest to your mark.

So, we have lines for the circle closest to you that you’re close to and lines for all the other circles that you are far from. 

And, we now have a line that goes around the circles. 

We’re ready to start the ink! 

Now we’re just going to start by adding the ink to the ink, which is just what you want to do. 

Using your marker pen, draw lines on your tattoo as you would with a line.

 This is what the ink should look like after the ink is dry. 

Take the ink out of the bottle, take a brush with a thin brush, and then add the ink into the ink pen.

Now, it’s time to fill in the tattoo with the ink you just made.

You’ll want a brush to get ink on the tattoo and also some marker pen to make it more consistent. 

Fill in the ink and then take your brush and draw the ink line on the top line.

Now, you want a pencil to make the line easier to draw on the line, but also a ruler to make sure you’re drawing it correctly.

Take your ruler and trace the outline of the lines from your ink pen, then add a line with a ruler on the middle line.

Draw your line on that line, and you should have a solid line that you can

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