How to build a bracelet for your friend

Friend and family members can now wear a bracelet from a maker who’s partnered with Apple to make a companion device.

Apple is sponsoring a bracelet that’s a collaboration between Apple Watch and a company called Friendship bracelet kit.

Apple Watch can be paired with the bracelet to connect to social networks and messages, and can be used to track the user’s health.

It’s a new kind of smartwatch that uses your Apple Watch to send a text message or a picture to your friends and family.

The company also is working with Pebble and Fitbit to make companion apps.

The bracelet is made of plastic and comes with a metal strap.

Apple said it’s available in four colors: gold, silver, white and black.

Apple announced the bracelet with a special event Tuesday in Cupertino, California.

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Apple Watch can connect to a host of apps from social networks.

The app you can use with the Apple Watch is called My Apple Watch, and it allows you to see the time and to check the status of your AppleWatch.

The Pebble app allows you a peek at the progress of your Pebble watch.

Apple says it plans to launch a new Apple Watch app in the coming weeks.

Apple Watch is available on a number of different models and colors, including the Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition, and is now available on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Apple also offers a companion Apple Watch for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

It is also available on Apple Watch that has a black version of the metal band, and the Pebble Band, which can be found in the Apple Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch Classic, Apple Apple watch and Apple watch edition.

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