Friendliest Man in the World: How Friendliest Person in the world is Harrison Fogg

The person who best captures the spirit of friendship is Harrison Fogg.

He’s been the man who people turn to in times of grief and isolation.

Friendliest Man is an article on the website.

For the first time, we’re looking at the five most beloved and best friends in Australia.

It’s a story of a man’s friendship that was defined by love and compassion.

We asked Harrison to tell us a little bit about himself and what makes him a friend.

“I think the thing that makes me so wonderful is that, you know, I’m not like, ‘I’m the best friend in the whole world’.

It’s just me,” Harrison says.

His favourite childhood memories are from his mother, who taught him to sing and dance.

My first memory is when I was a little boy and my grandmother, she sang the theme song for my first television programme.

The second memory is from when I first met my girlfriend, when I went to visit her in the hospital.

She was on the floor of the hospital bed.

She said ‘you know, it’s going to be fine’ but the next thing I know she was in intensive care.

I remember being in that hospital for two weeks, and I remember being there crying in a room with her, but I remember her and I think that’s really the best memory I’ve had.

And the third memory I remember is when we went to my mum’s grave and there was a picture of my mum and a big bouquet of flowers.

And I remember thinking, ‘my mum is going to want me to put these flowers in the grave’.

That’s really what I think makes me special.

So when I’m asked about my favourite childhood memory, I always say I love my mum.

I always love my mother and my family.

She was the person who made me who I am today.

Her mother is a wonderful, kind, caring, kind woman.

She’s a beautiful woman and she’s really important to me.

It’s amazing that she could be my mum, because that’s the only reason I’m alive today. 

“You know, she made me the person I am.”

But Harrison is also a very introverted person.

That’s something I always knew about me.

I thought I was very introvert.

I think I was more shy, I guess, than I am.

I guess I was scared of being around people and, you just don’t know what to do when you’re introverted.

I don’t even think I would have been able to find someone that would be so supportive, who was so supportive of me.

So, to see how different she was from me was very inspiring to me, because it’s the same thing I feel, it just comes down to being honest with yourself.

What do you think about the people you met through the years?

Tell us your favourite memory!

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