Which of these tattoos should you get?

Some friends and family members are starting to get some new tattoos as a result of the global warming crisis.

Some of the designs include an image of a polar bear and a penguin, while others have a human head and a bird in the background.

(The head is actually a head of a bird, according to The Associated Press.)

“My friends and I got our first polar bear tattoo on our necks a few years ago,” said Lauren Gartner, a tattoo artist in Edmonton, Alberta, who is part of a global network of people who have been asked to tattoo animals, such as seals, sealskies and polar bears.

Gartner said she is not alone in wanting to get a new tattoo.

“It’s pretty amazing to me to see people’s reactions to getting their first tattoo,” she said.

“The world is a very beautiful place and we have all kinds of things we have on, so I don’t think it’s too bad that there are some people who are just so happy to have a new piece of art that they want to be part of.”

For Gartners, the polar bear is the most obvious one.

“We all love the polar bears, so when it came to our new polar bear, it was perfect,” she explained.

“I don’t know if you’ve ever seen an elephant tattooed on someone else’s neck before, but I’ve never seen a polar tattoo on someone’s neck.”

Gartners said she thinks that polar bears are “just the kind of animals that we should get to have tattooed, because they’re really unique and they’re cool.”

She said that, while she’s happy to see more people getting their own tattoos, she doesn’t think the trend will last forever.

“If people are getting tattoos that aren’t necessarily related to what they’re doing with the planet, then I think that’s a very good thing, but if they’re just getting a piece of jewelry or something that will just make them feel special, then they’re not going to stay long.”

For others, the trend isn’t just about the polar animal.

“My friend who got the penguin tattoo got a polar polar bear on her neck,” said Kristina Graziano, who has a tattoo of a bear on both her arms.

“I had a really great time doing it and I’m just so excited about getting a tattoo on her.”

Graziano said she also wanted to get the bird tattooed as a way to “feel connected to nature.”

Gardner said her friend was not surprised by the response to the polar tattoos.

“She was really into it, but she wasn’t surprised,” Gartns said.

“She’s just so into birds, and I think it was just a nice way to express that she’s into birds and she’s also into the environment.”

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