How to make a friendship necklace without the strings

A simple necklace that will let you keep in touch with your loved ones without the need for strings is one of the most popular designs on Instagram.

This design from the designer @chrissylayman has the classic classic look of a necklace and the romantic appeal of a heart.

The design has a simple, geometric design and is perfect for a simple gift.

The heart is made of white gold and has the same white gemstones as the necklace.

The necklace itself is made from sterling silver, and is adorned with silver beads and a silver clasp.

It can be purchased at the jewelry shop of @chrisley_designs on Instagram for about €3,800.

The necklace is sold by @chirana_shop on Instagram and is priced at €6,900, or €3.2,200 for a pair of white diamond rings, which is €300.

The design is simple, yet the heart is a true heart, with the simple pattern that you can see from the pic above.

Chirana is a new designer from Italy who is selling her jewelry at a discount, and they’re offering the necklace for €3 at their shop.

Chrissy Layslayman was inspired by a classic necklace that was created for her husband, who is a cardiologist and has been wearing this necklace for many years.

Her husband was always very close to his heart, and Chirane has always felt very connected to her.

She decided to make this necklace because her husband would always feel comfortable being close to her, and it was just the right way to do it.

She has also added a heart-shaped clasp to the necklace so that she can keep in constant contact with him and her family, even when they’re away.

The necklaces are available in different colors, from white to pink and silver to emerald green.

I can’t say much about the jewelry because the picture I posted is not the actual necklace.

I don’t want to spoil too much, but if you’re looking for something simple, elegant and a little bit unique, this is a good option.

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